1901 Folk Art Catlinite Paperweight


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Great looking hand carved catlinite paperweight. Initialed and dated 1901. Love the backwards 9. Superb untouched surface patina. A sweet example.

Catlinite (also called pipestone) is a type of argillite (metamorphosed mudstone), usually brownish-red in color, which occurs in a matrix of Sioux Quartzite. Because it is fine-grained and easily worked, it is prized by Native Americans, primarily those of the Plains nations for use in making ceremonial pipes such as chanunpas. Pipestone quarries are located and preserved in Pipestone National Monument outside Pipestone, Minnesota, in Pipestone County, Minnesota, and at the Pipestone River in Ontario, Canada. The term Catlinite came into use after the American painter George Catlin visited the quarries in Minnesota in 1835.


Date: 1901


Size: 3″ x 2″ x 5/16″


Condition: Expected aging and wear with a few old minor flakes. Please use photos and description to determine condition.


Price: $95


Insured US Shipping: $12


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