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GLASSLANDS are close up photographs taken with a 1977 Pentax K-1000 35mm film camera.


They are all of glass, mostly 18th and 19th century bottles that were excavated in and around New York City.

Some of these bottles have developed a multicolored patina (oxidation) from years of burial. The variety of colors, textures and patterns are beautiful in normal view, but take on an otherworldly quality when seen as Glasslands. These images represent some of the collection.

The other part consists of glass (again, mostly bottles) back lit with different colored bottles and the sun. It feels like painting with glass and light while using film as the canvas.


PATINAS are presentations of a broad range of pieces that share a singular quality – they all have great patina. Their original surfaces have faded and aged over time to great effect.


These once everyday objects have long outlived their usefulness, but have somehow survived. They now appear in sublime states of decay as sculpture-like vestiges of our past.


PATINA –  a surface appearance of something grown beautiful with age or use.