1825-1835 Signed Stoneware Jar


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Heavy brown glazed stoneware jar. Signed, “SWAINE” for for Robert and Thomas Swaine, English potters who operated from 1825 to 1843. Incised bands on neck. Gloppy rounded lip. Incredibly crude piece with numerous in-making imperfections, including large drips and pops. Heavy base wear indicates many years of use despite the rough condition. Weighs over 7lbs.  Pieces of these potters’ work in any condition is quite rare, and this is a substantial example.

A few thoughts on stoneware: Stoneware was originally designed as utilitarian objects. Typically, these pieces were put into service for many years. As such, stoneware will generally show signs of heavy wear and usage. Some chips and cracks are usually in evidence, and serve as reminders that stoneware was first and foremost meant to be functional. These factors should be taken into account when evaluating a piece.

Date: 1825-1835

Size:  11 1/2″ tall. 6 1/4″ base diameter.

Condition:  Few old interior lip flakes. The rest is all in-making, and not damage.

Price: $150

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