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Die cast steel riding toy truck in an exquisite state of decay. Top mounted steering wheel long gone. Bed still lifts. Found in a field behind a barn in Northern Missouri.


Presented on a custom made steel stand.

PATINAS are presentations of a broad range of pieces that share a singular quality – they all have great patina. Their original bright and smooth surfaces have faded and aged over time to great effect.

Many of these everyday objects should have been discarded long ago, but for some happy reason they were saved. Their monetary value often all but gone, they appear in an exquisite state of decay as sculpture-like vestiges of the past century. They also have a spirit and a look about them that can evoke the past. So many moments in time are reflected in the wear and patina of these once useful objects.


Date: 1940’s.


Size: 26.5″  x  9.5″  x  17″ tall.


Price: $295


Insured US Shipping: $75


Non-US Shipping: Contact for Rates



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