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Surface detail. Oxidized mold blown amber glass medicine bottle. “PAINE’S CELERY COMPOUND.” 1880. Excavated in Cleburne, Texas.

GLASSLANDS are close up photographs taken with a 1977 Pentax K-1000 35mm film camera.


They are all of glass, mostly antique bottles that were excavated in and around New York City.



Some of these bottles have developed a multicolored patina, or oxidation, from years of burial. The variety of colors, textures and patterns are beautiful in normal view, but take on an otherworldly quality when seen as Glasslands.


The other part of the collection consists of glass (again, mostly bottles) back lit with different colored bottles and the sun. It feels like painting with glass and light while using film as the canvas.


Photographs printed

on metal and canvas


20X20           300

20X30           400

24X36           500

30X30           500

30X40           750

40X60           975


20X20           300

20X30           400

24X36           600

30X30           600

30X40           850

40X60           975



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