Mid-19C Loaded Billy Club


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Superb early billy club or sap. Layers of wrought iron make up the body. Iron loop pivots to prevent kinking a cord. The business end is covered with leather and shows faint traces of original paint. Fantastic woven rope handle, with a nautical look. Massive use wear indicates years of heavy use. This also lends credence to the possibility that it was used and or embellished by a sailor, or a very bad dude. Outstanding untouched original surface patina. Heavy piece weighs 3/4 of a pound, and would have caused quite a dent when wielded with force. A sweet early example that oozes with character and history. The stories it could tell…


Date: Mid-19th century.


Size: 10″ long.


Condition: Expected aging and heavy use wear. As-Is. Please use photos and description to determine condition.


Price: $175


Insured US Shipping: $15


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