Doctor’s Exam & Surgical Chair

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“Prof. Alexander Hugh Ferguson’s Operating Table and Chair.” from the first doctor’s office in Gentry, Arkansas (a small farming community in the NW corner of the state).

Fantastic all original cast iron doctor’s combination examination chair and surgical table. Superb crusty untouched patina on this rare piece of early surgical equipment. Restored to fully operational condition (It was stuck tight when I got it). Chair spins 360 degrees, and can tilt at numerous angles. 

A 1902 Collier’s ad (digital only) shows just a few of the purported dozens of various positions and angles available. The price is not specifically listed, but the ad proclaims the first buyer in every town gets a two-thirds discount. No doubt, the unnamed Gentry physician that bought this chair was attracted by the price reduction mentioned in the ad.

Imagine this thing in your living room or office with a lawn chair cushion on it – or perhaps in your dungeon? Whatever your taste, this is such a great object. Difficult to determine weight, but it’s REALLY HEAVY. Maybe 100lbs or more?

Hard to imagine that this was state of the art surgical equipment in the early 20th century. Yikes.

This particular chair has an interesting post-use history:

The chair was purchased in the early 1960s at the estate auction of Ray and Nina Steele of Gentry, Arkansas.

The Steele’s owned and operated Steele’s Drug in Gentry in a small two-story building (see recent digital photo) from the early 1900s until 1960, when they sold the drug store and retired. This chair came from the doctor’s office that was located in the upstairs.

The man I obtained the chair from had bought most of the large material from the sale. He had originally stored the items in his barn, but eventually sold all of what he had from the sale…or so he thought.

Several years ago, he was cleaning out a back section of his barn, and discovered the chair had been left behind (for over 50 years). He eventually hauled it to his shop, which is where I stumbled upon it.

When I first saw this thing, I was blown away by its presence – like something out of a horror movie. What an amazing creepy cool piece, especially in it’s current crusty condition. What patina! The 3nd photo shows how it looked when I first saw it. It was only after some serious digging around through the shop that the stirrups and head rest were eventually located. I had to have it.

Now, it can be yours.

Date: Early 1900s.

Size: Base is apx. 33″ x 23″.  Height is 5′ to top of head rest. Apx. 2′ wide. Can extend to about 5′ when flat.

Condition: Expected aging with paint loss, rust and wear. Stirrup pins are a bit tight, and need some jiggling to move. Chair and all other parts are solid and functional. As-is. Please use photos and description to determine condition.

PRICE: $700

SHIPPING: Pick up only. I am in NW Arkansas, a few miles south of Missouri. I would be willing to deliver in Tulsa or Joplin for an extra fee to cover gas.


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