Cool Warped 19C Redware Jug with Crazy Glaze


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Fantastic redware jug with crazy cool glaze. It was meant to be a smooth shiny reddish brown glaze as can be seen at the base and on the handle, but the kiln temperature was way too hot, causing the glaze to explode into a wild irregular surface in a dark olive green with splotches of bright yellow. The effect is so dramatic. The original pair of incised bands at the shoulder are faintly visible through the thickened glaze. What a remarkable survivor. This is one of the coolest looking jugs I have ever owned, and you will never see another quite like it.

I wonder what kind of serious liquor was held in this wild looking jug?


Date: 1860.


Size: 8.5″ tall. 6″ diameter.


Condition: Obviously, there are numerous in-making defects which, in my opinion, only add to the character of this amazing piece. There is an old hairline crack that runs through part of the base and up the side below the handle. Otherwise it appears to be damage-free. Base rim wear indicates that the jug was actually used for some period of time.

A few thoughts on stoneware: Stoneware was originally designed as utilitarian objects. Typically, these pieces were put into service for many years. As such, stoneware will generally show signs of heavy wear and usage. Some chips and cracks are usually in evidence, and serve as reminders that stoneware was first and foremost meant to be functional. These factors should be taken into account when evaluating a piece.


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