17th Century Child’s Cast Iron Porringer


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Superior centuries old child’s cast iron porringer. Great old worn patina. The stylized handle consists of three hearts capped by a sideways crescent or moon. When viewed in reverse, a devilish skull appears. I am no expert in mystical symbolism, but I feel quite sure that this was not accidental. Perhaps it was designed as a reminder to a child to beware of following their heart, lest they fall astray. That was the running theme of the period – Witch hunts, superstition, fear of the devil, etc. Anyway, interesting to consider, in any case.

The round sprue (casting) mark on the base of the bowl is indicative of early manufacture. Porringers of this period are rare enough, but should be considered that much scarcer in this diminutive size.

A nearly identical example is pictured in George E. Neumann’s, Early American Antique Country Furnishings (see photo).

Pictured with a normal sized poker chip for perspective.



Date: Late 17th to early 18th century.


Size: 4 1/4″ long. 3″ wide. 7/8″ deep.


Condition: Excellent with expected aging and wear. Please use photos and description to determine condition.


Price: $345


Insured US Shipping: $15


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